5th Wheel Hitches

CURT 5th wheel hitches are in a category of their own, giving new definition to the concept of heavy-duty towing. With their superior strength and gentle ride, 5th wheel hitches are intended for towing heavy loads and, more specifically, the bulky size of 5th wheel trailers. At CURT, we recognize the need for quality 5th wheel towing products and the fact that the most common use for fifth wheel hitches is RV towing. As such, we have designed our 5th wheel trailer hitches to be the perfect balance of towing power and versatility, to give you that ultimate RV experience, weekend after weekend.

CURT 5th wheel hitches function much like the coupling mechanism of a semi truck or 18-wheeler. Unlike our receiver hitches that provide a tube to accept a ball mount shank, our 5th wheels place the coupler on the vehicle side and are designed to accept the kingpin of a fifth wheel trailer. CURT 5th wheel hitches are engineered to mount into the bed of a pickup truck using a 5th wheel bracket kit and base rails or a gooseneck adapter. Our 5th wheels are available with Ford OEM legs, Ram OEM legs, basic 5th wheel legs and rails, a 5th wheel roller unit or simply as a standalone hitch head.


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