Towing Starter Kits

The CURT towing starter kit is the most convenient way to get the basic towing gear you will need to complement a brand new trailer hitch. The starter kit eliminates the need for you to make multiple purchases and eliminates mistakes when buying the right products to fit your existing equipment.

Each CURT towing starter kit includes a ball mount, trailer ball and hitch pin and clip or hitch lock. We also offer kits with an included rubber receiver tube cover and a durable, reusable plastic storage case. This supplies you with everything you need to get your trailer coupled to your receiver hitch. Kits are available in two basic ball mount options: a Fusion ball mount with a welded trailer ball or a loaded ball mount with a pre-torqued trailer ball.

CURT ball mounts are CNC-formed and robotically welded to be an exact fit for your towing application. They are built with quality steel for strength and coated with a high-gloss black powder coat finish for durable corrosion and scratch resistance.


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