Hitch Installation Accessories

CURT custom trailer hitches are designed for a vehicle-specific fit to provide the most secure installation possible and to reduce and even eliminate the need for tedious installation requirements. Many of our custom hitches require no drilling or cutting of any kind, and most can be installed with just a few common hand tools. To accomplish this, we use holes and access points already made on the vehicle.

CURT custom trailer hitches come with all necessary hardware for a complete installation, and one of the key tools used on many hitch installs is fish wire. A fish wire is simply a flexible wire that allows a bolt to be 'fished' or pulled through an enclosed frame or difficult-to-access mounting point. One end of the fish wire is coiled to accept a threaded bolt. CURT fish wire allows holes in the vehicle frame to be used for the hitch installation that would not otherwise be usable. We offer four different sizes of fish wire to fit different fastener sizes, including 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8". All CURT fish wires are made from spring steel and come in 18" lengths.

Also during a hitch installation, trim plugs and caps may need to be removed to allow access to mounting holes. The CURT finishing pack includes 11 different commonly used trim panel retainers and frame hole plugs. These pieces can be used to cover open holes after an installation or to replace damaged or missing plugs on your vehicle, whether you’ve just installed a trailer hitch or not. The pack includes 50 pieces.


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