Breakaway Systems

Nobody sets out on a trip expecting it, but the truth is, a breakaway can happen. When a trailer becomes separated from the tow vehicle, everyone on the road can be at risk, and there is an even greater potential for damage to the trailer and cargo. In addition to double-checking your equipment and properly hooking up your safety chains, be prepared for anything with a CURT electronic breakaway kit.

During a separation, a CURT breakaway kit works with your trailer’s electronic brakes to bring it to a stop much faster than it would on its own. This is done using an onboard battery attached to the trailer and a switch system connected to both the trailer and the vehicle. When the trailer becomes disconnected, the breakaway switch is triggered and directs the battery power to the trailer brakes. The one stipulation of a breakaway kit is that it does require the trailer to be equipped with electric brakes.

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