Custom Wiring

CURT custom wiring is the ideal solution if your vehicle is not setup with a trailer wiring connector. Custom wiring takes a vehicle-specific approach, using unique plugs and other electrical components to wire your vehicle for towing. The vehicle-specific plugs are designed to plug into pre-existing sockets built into your vehicle's electrical system, either at the taillights or using the factory tow plug. Custom wiring allows for fast, plug-and-play installation, and it ensures the best possible compatibility with your vehicle.

CURT offers two custom wiring options: custom wiring harnesses and custom wiring connectors. A custom wiring harness uses multiple vehicle-specific plugs and connects to the vehicle’s electrical system through the taillights. On the other hand, a custom wiring connector uses only one vehicle-specific plug. This is because it is designed to plug into a factory tow plug, built into the vehicle by the manufacturer, specifically for the purpose of setting up trailer wiring.

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