Trailer Ball Accessories

CURT trailer balls are designed to be high in quality and a perfect fit for your coupler and ball mount. As such, we thought it fitting to back them up with a variety of accessories to maximize their potential and improve your overall towing experience. Whether you are installing a brand new trailer ball or simply looking for a little equipment upkeep, CURT has accessories and replacement parts to get the job done.


Reducer BushingsCURT Reducer Bushing 21100

When you need a smaller size trailer ball for a smaller trailer but do not want to have to buy an entirely new ball mount, CURT reducer bushings are the simple, reliable solution. A reducer bushing is a zinc-plated steel ring that fits into the mounting hole of a ball mount to eliminate extra space when installing a trailer ball with a smaller shank diameter. This helps ensure the trailer ball nut stays firmly torqued and prevents rattling and sway. We have reducer bushings in a variety of sizes to fit trailer balls with shank diameters of 3/4”, 1” and 1 1/4”.

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